PCT Day 78: Trinity Alps Wilderness

July 8

Mile 1559.0-1583.6 (24.6)

It was cool when I woke. I was torn between going back to sleep and getting an early start. Sleep won. I started hiking at 6:45am.

For the first time since south of Sierra City, it was overcast. No hot sun beating down on me today! The clouds dyed the distant mountains a deep shade of purple and made the bright green lichen on the trees even more luminescent.

I passed into the Trinity Alps Wilderness early. In the distance were rough mountains adorned with rocky crowns. Twice I was startled by the sounds of a car driving just above me. But that was the last evidence of civilization I saw today.

By mid-morning, it had begun to sprinkle. Up at 6500 feet, the clouds were close overhead. They darkened and grew thick. Rain came off and on. It got colder and the wind blew. In a few hours, I was socked in. No more views today. Time for head-down hiking.

I didn’t stop all day. It was too cold and damp. I ate all the snacks in my hip belt and my stomach snarled. I wasn’t making good time and considered ending the day early. My fingers were stiff and numb from the cold, my feet waterlogged. I hiked to the next campsite and set up my tent.


3 thoughts on “PCT Day 78: Trinity Alps Wilderness

  1. Keep grinding it out. Hope this warms you a little that you have people thinking of you and following your trek.

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