PCT Day 79: All Day I Dream of Town Food

July 9

Mile 1583.6-1611.6 (28.0)

I slept late, hoping the sun would burn off the fog and dry the wetness that clung to everything. But I didn’t see blue sky until I had hiked a few miles from my campsite. 

A dense cloud hugged the ridge, but the valley below was emptying out. It was beautiful. I crested the ridge and was again immersed in fog, made eerie by dead and burned trees from a fire. On the descent, I freed myself from the cloud finally and saw a deep valley below.

It got clearer as the day progressed. In every direction were mountains and forested valleys. It was cool and pleasant. There was a long waterless stretch, but I barely noticed.

I skipped Etna. I’ve got plenty of food to get to Seiad Valley. And I’m glad to be sleeping in the woods tonight. The only thing I miss is roast chicken, guacamole, tortilla chips, hot coffee, grapefruit, salad, strawberries, beef stew, omelettes, steak, watermelon…


4 thoughts on “PCT Day 79: All Day I Dream of Town Food

  1. Hi from Ireland , love reading your blogs , I envy you and the freedom you are living , one day I will follow in so many footsteps and walk the PCT

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