PCT Day 82: Oregon

July 12

Mile 1670.3-1704.8 (34.5)

I woke up in a cloud. Dark, cool, and wet. Opaque wall of gray. I thought the sun would burn it off or the wind would blow it away, so I wasn’t disheartened.

I started hiking along the ridge again, watching for the pearly fog to transform into green repeating mountains. You can still see Mt. Shasta from here. Morning progressed and I took a break when the sun was stronger to dry out my tent and sleeping bag.

At midday, I passed into Oregon. It feels good to have hiked through such a long state as California. It also seems sort of an arbitrary distinction for a woods dweller such as myself. The trail and the trees and the mountains look pretty much the same. When the landscape starts to change, or the trail softens into the highway I’ve heard about, maybe I will really feel that I’m in a new state.

Just past the border was trail angel Ed with chili dogs, fruit, hard boiled eggs, and drinks. It was such a treat! I gobbled up my hot dog and lingered just a little. I really wanted to stretch my legs and keep hiking.

So I did. And I felt the mountains change just a little, the trail soften just a little. Oregon! I cruised. Then I crashed a little, had to stop and eat more sugary bars. And then I really cruised, riding an immense sugar high. I passed nice section hikers and loaded up on water for dry camping and thought I’d just keep going until dark or I found a beautiful spot to camp.

I climbed a hill, the trail winding gently through a forest, and came out on a lovely ridge. The sun was low on the horizon, casting colorful shadows on the mountains in the distance. I found my second trail magic of the day when I saw two chairs and two coolers full of soda. How lucky am I! Both magics were totally unexpected and so delightful. I called it a day and watched the sky fully transform into night.


4 thoughts on “PCT Day 82: Oregon

  1. Congratulations on making it to Oregon! Way to go! I feel happy that it was an excellent day for you on the occasion of such an accomplishment. Happy Trails!

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