PCT Day 84: 100 miles in 3 days

July 14

Mile 1735.9-1771.0 (35.1 +0.6)

I was glad when morning came. With little sleep, I took my time packing up and hiking out. On trail by 6:30am.

Four miles in, I took a short side trail to Hyatt Lake campground to take a hot shower and rinse out my clothing. It felt so, so good. I let my things dry while I ate more snacks and charged my phone. Then, back to the trail.

The rest of the morning was sluggish. It got hot quickly, my podcasts were boring, and though the trail was flat I couldn’t seem to move quickly. Time seemed to slow down.

I met a hiker named Navi and later caught up with Gilligan at a spring.  Navi caught up with me again and we chatted for a minute before I took off to check out South Brown Mountain shelter and get more water. I also needed another caloric boost to get in the last 10 miles of the day. The trail was still fairly flat, with only a few blowdowns, but I was flagging. 

So I ate some dark chocolate and stuffed a few bars in my hip belt, drank water, and set out. Flat, flat, flat. A few mosquitos buzzing around. Suddenly, the trail switched from benign dirt and pine needles to red volcanic pebbles, like Cocoa Puffs. Hard on the feet. I kept hiking. Saw Mt. McLaughlin in the distance. The sun sank into the horizon. I crossed Hwy 140 and reached my campsite. There was trail magic, cookies and soda, and Nemo was camped there too. We chatted for a while before bed. Suddenly there are hikers everywhere.


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