PCT Day 85: Mosquitos & Blowdowns

July 15

Mile 1771.0-1804.0 (33.0)

The mosquitos came out today. As I walked deeper into the forest, they came out to torment me. They drove me forward down the trail, sometimes at a run.

It was rare that I could run, however, because blowdowns covered the trail. Hundreds of downed trees over tens of miles. Hard to follow the trail sometimes.

I found solace on a breezy ridge and slowed my pace, took breaks. The mosquitos were fewer. I dreaded descending into their lair.

When I climbed off the ridge and stopped for water at a seasonal stream, they swarmed. In my eyes and nose, on my shoulder blades, my ankles, my fingers. Screaming in my ears. The trail was clear and I ran. Blowdowns slowed me, trees stacked on top of each other hiding the trail, wide path around or vaulting myself over their bulk, run again so the mosquitos don’t overwhelm me, fast hike up the hill, finally a flat spot with a breeze and as I set up my tent I dance around to keep them from landing. A dozen sneak into my tent with me and they die a quick death.


4 thoughts on “PCT Day 85: Mosquitos & Blowdowns

  1. Aaaaaah! I once had biting black flies swarm me incessantly and that was pretty horrible, especially when there is no refuge and repellant isn’t helping enough. Now I carry a head net just in case. No weight penalty.

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