PCT Day 87: Crater Lake

July 17

Mile 1818.4-1841.5 (18.3 via Rim Trail Alternate)

We got breakfast at the restaurant in Crater Lake and chatted with Nemo, Gilligan, Wing It, and Eric. Full of pancakes and eggs, Pat dropped me off at the road where he picked me up yesterday so I could run the 4.3 miles to Rim Village. It was so peaceful and felt good to move my body in a different way.

Pat picked me up at the Rim and shuttled me back to where my laundry was drying. We ate food, hung out with all the hikers congregated there, dried out our gear, and sorted my resupply. At 2:30pm, Pat and I said goodbye and I took off from Rim Village along the Rim Trail alternate. We’ll see each other again next weekend in Sisters but it always feels shitty to part ways.

The trail soothed me. Though it was next to the road I felt far away from the cars, nestled in pine trees right at the edge of the bluest lake I’ve ever seen. Wizard Island alone broke up the mass of blue so deep that it looked like a solid. Though it was the weekend and the roads were busy, the trail was relatively quiet.

I hiked slowly and spent lots of time gazing at the lake. When the trail turned back toward dry forest, I shifted focus and hiked with determination. Another two miles brought me back to the PCT and mosquito hell. No more gazing around. Those blood suckers won’t tolerate it.

I made it about five miles before the mosquitos overwhelmed me and I threw down my pack, put up my tent, and lept inside. There were thousands just outside, waiting. I hope tonight is cold enough that I get a head start in the morning.


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