PCT Day 92: Slackpack to Santiam Pass

July 22

Mile 1981.2-1998.4 (17.2)

There was no rush to get on the trail this morning. Pat had put in 43 hours by Thursday, and with the raising complete, his boss said to take Friday off. We turned off all alarms last night and woke when our room filled with morning light.

A full breakfast and many cups of coffee later, Pat drove me and my little day pack back to McKenzie Pass. I set off over the desolate lava rock and a slow pace, wondering if the distant fog would overtake me. I climbed for a while to the shoulder of Mt. Washington, then over a burn area littered with blowdowns. The sky cleared and I warmed up, found my stride. 

It occurred to me that I could run a little with such a small pack on. I tried it on a downhill but my knees protested. When the trail flattened out, I tried again. It felt good. With little grace and no points for style, I bobbed along down the trail.

Pat was waiting for me when I arrived at Santiam Pass in exactly five hours. He brought snacks and we zoomed back to town to do errands before a long travel/birthday weekend.


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