PCT Day 97: Mt Hood Wilderness

July 27

Mile 2030.4-2062.0 (31.6)

I pressed snooze on my alarm for over an hour, indulging in extra sleep. I guess I needed it. It was almost 8am when I started hiking.

The trail wound through a beautiful meadow with small lakes, everything shining under the bright sun, Mt. Jefferson towering behind me. Then it climbed up to a pass of sorts where I caught a glimpse of Mt. Hood, crossed a small sheet of snow/ice, and dropped steadily though green pine forest for four miles. I passed half a dozen hikers within an hour. Where do these crowds come from? 

Everything flattened out as the sun grew brighter and the day got hotter. I got water at Upper Lake and the black flies feasted on me. A few miles later, at the junction for Olallie Lake, there was a sign for a hiker lunch. It was 12:15pm. I skipped to the picnic table and had a chili dog, blueberries, other nibbles, courtesy of Brenda and Broke Leg. It was unexpected and wonderful. I still had a heavy food bag but no matter. It was nice to sit and have a cold drink and chat with some kind folks for an hour. Thanks!

I hiked fast for the next few miles in the heat of the day, forgetting to drink water or eat more food. I bonked. In another half an hour, I got to a spring, sat in the shade, and ate and drank until I felt my energy return. Things went slowly for the rest of the day. The heat started to subside and I climbed a little to Pinhead Saddle. It was shady and cool all the way down to Warm Springs River. There are five or six tents set up but I’ll camp here anyway. It’s hot again in this muggy valley.


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