PCT Day 100: Surprise Zero

July 30

No hiking for me today. I’ve been kidnapped, held hostage by home cooked meals, laundry and shower, ice cream, and small chores. Pat and I went to Suttle Lake and swam around in the afternoon. I told him about the swimming holes I have all to myself on the trail.

My body got some time to heal up. My feet look like those of a cartoon monster. My legs feel better, I will try to be gentler to them. Muscles and tendons are still stiff. Some things won’t feel better until I’m done hiking 20-30 miles a day. A few more weeks, and I can do all the stretching and resting I want. I can swim and go running and eat normal food.

The parts about town days that I don’t miss–the screen time, the chemical-tasting water, the choice of clothes and driving in cars–make me yearn for the woods. As I get closer to my final section on the PCT, let me love the peace and stillness, the clear water and birdsong, the slow travel. 


4 thoughts on “PCT Day 100: Surprise Zero

  1. You will probably be past Dewey Lake and Tipsoo Lake at the top of Chinook Pass by Sat. 8/6, right? I will be day hiking Naches Loop and thrn overnighting at Crystal Mt. Just wondered…

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