PCT Day 104: I Could Hike Forever

August 3

Mile 2190.5-2226.5 (36.0)

Hiking by 6:45am, two miles to a slow piped spring. An easy climb up the side of a mountain, expansive views. Mt. Hood to the south, layers of anonymous mountains, Mt. Adams in view to the northeast.

Through the forest to muddy ponds and colorful lakes. Mosquitos come out, persuade me to keep hiking, only stop to get water. Flat trail, soft and cruisey, vaguely downhill. Lots of southbounders, some stop to chat.

Trail feels quiet and peaceful. At 6pm I come upon a packed campground, nobos and sobos colliding, a dozen hikers clustered. I stay for a minute but keep hiking. Just before dark, I reach the road to Trout Lake and set up camp.


2 thoughts on “PCT Day 104: I Could Hike Forever

  1. There is a site called: Wilderness Dweller, about a woman, Chris Czajkowski living in the Chilcotin Mountains in BC. She has lived there for 25 years and led hiking groups from her place called: Nuk Tessli now run by someone else. She has also written books about her life there with many photos and stories. Both have web sites.

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