PCT Day 112: Huckleberries > Hiking

August 11

Mike 2412.1-2440.1 (28.0)

Woke up this morning, after walking three days through fog and rain, to jagged peaks and clear rivers. I’m in these beautiful, wild mountains and I have no idea how I got here. This is some of the loveliest trail I’ve seen. But man, am I tired.

My pattern: fresh and positive in the morning, really tired in the afternoon heat, slight stomach ache, second wind as the sun starts to set.

Two long climbs of 2500 ft each, two long descents, and a final steep uphill to cap off a weary day. Total elevation change: +7200/-6000. Nothing crazy, just tiring.

When I was hiking, I stopped every few feet to gather another handful of huckleberries. My hands and face were smeared purple.

I took a break by the Waptus River and stared for a long time at the clear running water. It helped center me. I could have stayed there all afternoon with my feet soaking in the cold water. 

Instead, I powered through a few more miles to set myself up for tomorrow. Now I have this campsite all to myself. Just me and this curious deer who is investigating where I peed.


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